Upstate New York


N. Hollywood, CA – Ph. 800-553-1600 – Fax 818-503-1102
Manufacturer of washroom accessories, toilet compartments, and “a good deal more.”
Remember, “Anything less, costs more!”


Fort Worth, TX – Ph: 800-533-2557 FREE – Fax: 817-551-0719
CFR represents the best carpet care system on the market. Dealers appreciate CFR because there is no competition that matches the technology which builds profit and invites customers to repeat business. End users like CFR for its capability of a deeper clean, faster dry times; and the labor, water, chemical savings that add up to dollar savings.

Impact Products, LLC.

Toledo, OH – Ph. 800-333-1541 – Fax 419-841-7861
Impact offers a full line of clean-up, dispensing, floorcare, personal protection, receptacles, and safety products for the foodservice, safety, and industrial markets.


Hamilton, OH – Ph: 800-287-1136 FREE – Fax: 513-896-8548
Through state of the art technology Kaivac has been able to revolutionize the floor cleaning industry by transforming floor machines into “Cleaning Systems”.
By combining pressure washing, chemical injection, wet vacuuming, and other tools onto a single platform, Kaivac has created these Cleaning Systems that are more economically and environmentally friendly for both the industry and the worker.


Wiloughby, OH – Ph: 800-321-7044 FREE – Fax: 440-951-0293
Malish is the global leader in the manufacture of rotary and disc brushes for commercial floor cleaning machines. In addition they also manufacture of foodservice/color-coded brushes as well as janitorial brushes that can be used in a wide variety of industries and environments.

Miele Professional

Princeton, NJ – Ph. 800-843-7231 – Fax 609-419-4298
Miele’s MopGiant is an innovation new microfiber washing machine developed specifically for the cleaning industry.

O’Dell Corporation

Ware Shoals, South Carolina Ph: 800-342-2843 FREE – Fax: 800-445-1533
O’Dell produces the highest quality mops and cleaning products available anywhere at a fair cost to the distributor.

Perfect Commercial

Farmingdale, NY – Ph. 800-555-3903 – Fax 631-491-6634
Perfect Products is a proven leader in commercial vacuums. They have engineered their machines to with-stand the heaviest abuse and continue to clean without any down time. Their P100 series uprights are fast becoming the industry std with best in class specifications as well as offering impressive HEPA, backpack, dual motor and wet-dry solutions.  In addition to their std vac offering, Perfect offers a flexible private label program.  Increase margins while selling a superior product…It is the best solution for its category.

Phoenix Brands

Stamford, CT Ph: 203-975-0319 – Fax: 203-975-0352
Phoenix Brands is a value manufacturer of leading brand laundry products such as Ajax, Dynamo, Fab, Final Touch and Niagra Spray Starch.


Fort Worth, TX – Ph: 800-880-2913 FREE – Fax: 817-551-0719
Powr-Flite equipment brand represents value driven equipment with quality in mind. Dealers like PF because it gives them an alternative in the value equipment market. End users like PF because it is it is a full line equipment brand that is durable at a value price not cutting into budgets.


West Chicago, IL – Ph: 800-822-8867 FREE – Fax: 817-551-0719
Tornado commercial floor care equipment solves customer’s needs, through innovation, focus, and dependability. Dealers like Tornado for its unique selling stories and not being a “me too” line up. End users like Tornado for its ease of use and its dependability